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About Us in Ventura County, CA

Founded in 2004 in the beautiful city of Camarillo, CA, Archangel Tactics has more than 10 years in the firearm training business. However, Archangel Tactics owner Martin Rudzinski has been an avid user of firearms for more than 35 years.

Martin Rudzinski's story begins at an early age when his love for firearms manifested while serving with the Marine Corps. Rudzinski found an outlet for his skills within competitive shooting matches, placing highly in both NRA and USMC competitions. Rudzinski's skills at various forms of firearms earned him a number of promotions in the Marine Corps, including becoming a Primary Marksmanship and Counter-Terrorism Tactics instructor, among other honors. Throughout his 20 years of service, Rudzinski was frequently commended for his safe usage and knack for handling different kinds of firearms.
Hand gun and bullets—Gun Safety Training in Camarillo, CA
Shotgun—Gun Safety Training in Camarillo, CA
Pistol with target—Gun Safety Training in Camarillo, CA
In 2004, Martin Rudzinski opened up Archangel Tactics with one goal in mind: to share his love for competitive shooting and self-defense with a larger audience. A firm believer in the Second Amendment, Rudzinski strongly believes that every American should know the proper way to defend themselves, which is why he offers firearm classes as well as self-defense classes, providing a well-rounded education in firearms.

Martin Rudzinski is not only a Phoenix University-certified Firearms Agency Instructor, but he also maintains numerous certifications from the NRA, including certifications in Basic Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun and NRA Range Safety Officer training.
Whether you're looking for tactical training, gun training or information on the best and safest way to defend yourself, Martin Rudzinski's list of qualifications makes him a great candidate to teach you what you need to know. With over 35 years of knowledge, Martin Rudzinski and Archangel Tactics can turn anyone from a firearms novice to an expert.